Music Promotion Services We help music artists grow their fanbase and get thousands of new listeners. Get Your Music Into Official Charts and Become Famous Today! Promote your music Now and Let’s Go VIRAL! Real Audiance 

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Add 1 track to 10 Apple Playlists £180

We'll push your track on ten Apple Music playlists, from a premium account. Your track will receive around 9000-18000

Push 1 track on 10 Spotify + 10 Apple Playlists £340

MAXIMIZE PROMO PACK| We'll add your track to 10 Premium Spotify Playlists and to 10 Apple Music Playlists. You will save £800! Get around 9000-18000 streams from each streaming service

Push 1 track on 5 Spotify + 5 Apple Playlists £180

MIDDLE PROMO PACK| We'll add your track to 5 Premium Spotify Playlists and to 5 Apple Music Playlists. You will save £450! This special streaming promotion pack help increase your fan base. 

Top Offers

Spotify Promotion Playlist £100

  • Promote your music and growth your Spotify artist profil by appearing on a network of official playlists , partners and curators. Reach thousands new listeners easily!

Spotify Promotion Weekly Subscribe £60

Shoot your music up to Spotty’s very top, with flexible promo packages

Spotify plays (worldwide)



Youtube Promotion Start Budget £1000

YouTube promotion we provide is completely safe and uses organic, 

Youtube ads by Google Adsense 

DJ, Radio and Press Promo Campaign £475

DJ, Press, Online and Radio with a campaign to get your record to the right people, personally pitched and pushed each week of the campaign to maximize results.Electronic Music PR / Electronic Music release promotion managed by our whole team.DJ Promo to the biggest and best DJ’s suited for your record.

All our campaigns include full Press Text writing service.

We put an emphasis on achieving coverage in many forms. (premiers, reviews, interviews, news items, features, guest spots – anything we can.)

Radio pitching, Play-listing and more throughout the campaign.

Your record is personally pitched to all the biggest press outlets and radio shows.

Weekly Reporting – and constant contact with our team. Secure Promo system – All files are watermarked and traceable.

Live feedback area – review comments in real time in addition to our weekly reporting.

Campaigns are run pre-release with time to generate excitement and attention for release day.

Campaigns run for at least 4-6 weeks, preferably more in terms of the press push.

A DJ Only Promo Campaign £200

Sent to our proven network of DJ’s. Raising the quality and quantity of the results you can achieve.

World Wide DJ Only Promotion

DJ Promo to the biggest and best DJ’s suited for your record.

Live feedback area – review comments in real time in addition to our weekly reporting.

Our team is here ready for your questions.

Campaigns run for at least 4 weeks, Mail out sent with additional reminder email as standard.

Specially curated hit lists to make sure the promo’s are sent to the right people for your music to achieve good support.


This service is going to allow your music to show up on Spotify’s premium playlists. Chances are, if you are an artist streaming your music on Spotify,  This promo pack gives you 10,000-20,000 streams per the promotion period.
Delivery time: 20-45 days.  

*These playlists don't contain any followers

Please, note! Since providing this service bears considerable costs for us, if your song is 6:00 minutes or longer you'll have to order it twice.

There is something about finding a new song hidden in a playlist that makes it more special. It makes it seem as though you made an important discovery. You might even want to go show everyone the great song you just found! This is just one of the reasons that playlists can be so effective

1,000 Spotify Plays £10

 1 Track Only MEDIUM PACK | +1,000 real Spotify plays (worldwide)

2,000 Spotify Plays 1 Track Only £18

LARGE PACK | +2k real Spotify plays (worldwide)

Add track to 1 Apple Playlist £35

We'll push your track on one Apple Music playlist, from a premium account. Your track will receive around 900-1800 streams from the playlist


This playlist doesn't contain any followers

If your track or song is longer 6 minutes you'll have to pay twice. 

Tiktok Influencer per song £46

TikTok is now the best platform to promote music online.

The most important thing to consider when promoting your music is the target audience of your TikTok partner.


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