Whenever you record a song that someone else wrote, you need to get permission from the copyright holders. This is true even if you are giving away your recording. Getting permission involves contacting the copyright holders for each song. The research and dialogue necessary can be difficult and time consuming.

If you have questions or want to know more about the different music license types such as the mechanical and synchronization license first,

Most countries offer research help through public performance rights organizations, specific agencies that represent music rights holders, and service providers that help with the research and securing of licenses.

For artists located in the United States we have partnered with  a specialist caring for over 30,000 clients since 2005 (as of 2016). Our partner will take care of every single detail for you for a flat rate fee.

In order to sell a song you didn’t write yourself (in other words a cover song), you need to obtain a Mechanical License.

Our partners Easy Song Licensing offer simple and cheap solutions for getting the licenses required to legally distribute (and sell) cover songs in any format (download, CD, vinyl, etc.) in stores like Bandcamp, SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify and others.


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